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Everybody's 'Appy Nowadays....

Everybody's 'appy nowadays…

On Thursday morning last week, I turned up at a networking event looking forward to hearing a talk by Jane Duncan, the new Chairman of the RIBA. It was her first speaking event since taking office some few days before.

Many people were expected and lots of us turned up early as suggested by the organisers. We discussed whether this was a generational thing…. We were all middle aged and therefore perhaps more programmed to follow instructions without question!

I spent some of the waiting time reading an article about how a new app called Tap on My Back acts as a form of recognition for Generation X workers in their need for regular and immediate recognition.

The distinction struck me.

Personally, I wouldn't feel recognised via app; I'd prefer a face to face comment, but then that isn't necessarily to do with my age. Equally, I'm sure that there are also younger people who do as an event organiser or anyone else with some inside knowledge advises

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