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Charitable Christmas Greetings!

Which charity to choose? - Part 1

Having agonised over which charities to support, we thought we would explain our decisions in a bit more detail.

As we said before, we are very proud to have The Eve Appeal and Orbis as clients. They both do tremendous work in their fields.

The Eve Appeal, which funds research into women's gynaecological cancer, is particularly close to Kate's heart because her mother died of ovarian cancer back in 1986. It's something of a hidden killer because it's very difficult to diagnose early. Since then, a vast amount of progress has been made, but we still have a long way to go, so we are very happy to do what we can to help.

Orbis, a sight-saving and international blindness prevention charity, is also close to both our hearts since we are both optically challenged. Sight is something we all take for granted until it begins to fade. Orbis provide a plane which houses a mobile teaching hospital and opthalmic training centre, including a 48-seat classroom, full surgical suite, laser room and more. So, not only do they help to treat eye related ailments, but pass on those skills to others around the world - wherever can be reached by plane.

We think you'll agree these are both extremely worthy causes.

Next up, which charity to choose - part 2........