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Great Start to 2016! Look out for 18 January!

The Book is on its way....

New Year is typically more about making resolutions and plans for the year ahead. But sometimes, it seems, January can be about achieving those goals.

A few years ago at a networking event, I was asked various questions about myself to form an introduction before I gave a talk. In answer to "What is your most important unfulfilled ambition?", I responded "To be published".

Well, it looks very much as if that ambition is about to be fulfilled.

The proposed publication date for 'HR for Creative Companies' is 18 January – less than two weeks' time!

The book will be one of a suite entitled Business Essentials, published by the RIBA, aiming to provide well written, easy to use, industry focussed advice, information and support to small and medium sized businesses. Not just for architects, but other creative professions such as interior design, graphic design, fine art, publishing and the media.

Over several months last year, this was a labour of love and a chance to amalgamate much of what I've learned about HR and the uniqueness of creative companies through working with my clients over the years.

As always, feedback will be welcomed, but here are a few comments so far:

"..this guide demystifies with straightforward suggestions and methods.."

"A thorough and concise guide covering every aspect of the career cycle, enriched with valuable recent and real case experience."

I'll continue to keep you posted of publication news and, of course, encourage you to purchase!

You cannot believe how pleased I am that this is about to happen!