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New Year - in September?

New Year, new start…

What do you mean New Year, I hear you say.   It’s not January!

Whilst many of us use the Christmas break to make plans to make significant changes in our lives via New Year’s resolutions, there is also an argument that the summer break and September is a similarly key time for important decisions – if not more so.

Many of us will take time over the summer (school) holidays to have some time away with our family – perhaps more time with each other than we spend at any other time of the year.  It is an occasion to test our priorities, to reflect on what is important to us and to plan changes in our lives accordingly. 

There are those who sometimes need to be persuaded to take their holidays.  The people who still have two weeks or more accrued, as the holiday year end approaches and who cause a headache to the HR team.   For those who work in a creative company, time away from work is also an opportunity to experience different cultures, or read books that stimulate new ways of thinking, or spend time reflecting on ideas or innovations.  Working at full tilt constantly does not allow this thinking time. 

Taking your holidays regularly – being conscious of a good work / life balance – will enhance your creativity and enable you to present your clients with increasingly inventive solutions. 

There are so many ways in which this summer period – July and August – can have a significant effect on your life. 

So, when the academic year begins in September, and we all return to our normal daily lives, it is indeed a ‘new year’ for many. 

Consider then, what you have decided to change in your life for this September? 

Changing your job?  Moving house?  Spending more time with your children or your partner?  Getting fit?  Learning a language?   The possibilities are endless.

Happy New Year!