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MIPIM Virgin Alert

I've asked around and apparently it's OK to call myself a MIPIM virgin…..

For those of you who are unaware, MIPIM is an annual conference held in Cannes during March where the great and good of the property world gather for four days of moving and shaking. It's billed as gathering "the most influential international property players from all sectors for 4 days of networking, learning and transaction".

My personal experience began vicariously, many years ago, when I used to help organise the trips of senior staff members (mostly male) to the MIPIM extravaganza, from suites at the Gray d'Albion for a silly amount of money, to renting swish apartments in which to entertain. Diaries of working breakfasts, brunches, business lunches, cocktails at tea time, supper on the beach, drinks on a key player's yacht. It all seemed like another world and, no wonder, gained the accolade of "jolly" par excellence.

Over the years, the initial jealousy wore off and a more accurate image of MIPIM developed. Yes, it's in the South of France, but even there you can't guarantee the weather. Yes, there are lots of social functions but you can't go to them all and won't even be invited to the most sought after. The ability to go without much sleep for four days and to imbibe a staggering amount of alcohol without embarrassing yourself are commonly held to be de rigueur; oh, and a comfortable pair of shoes.

So, you may ask, why have I decided to go to MIPIM this year for the first time?

Well, it's not quite on my bucket list, but there will be a lot of people there who I'd like to catch up with and some who I may get to meet. After all, I have worked in the property sector for longer than I care to remember and it's full of familiar faces. That's why our client base is so property focussed.

I almost feel as if I ought to be there.

I made the big decision back in October, booked my (cheap) flights, turned down the offer of sharing an apartment with four men and booked my own small but perfectly formed studio apartment within walking distance (allegedly) of the Palais des Festivals. I'm now contacting people that I think are likely to be going along so I can be sure to meet up with them.

I'll keep you posted of further developments in the build up to and during the MIPIM experience.

Wish me luck and do get in touch if you're going to be there too.

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